I figured, as this blog is probably mainly going to be about my house and how I like to rip things out of it and move everything around when I’m bored; you should know a-bit about it. So, here we go…

We bought the house roughly 9 months ago, and moved in roughly 7 months ago. We were actually really lucky when buying our first house, as we were not in chain and neither were the people we were buying from. The whole process end up only taking about 7 to 8 weeks – although do not ask me what happened or how it all works because that 7 to 8 weeks and before is such a blur! All I remember is coming home from a rubbish day at work, and absolutely balling my eyes out when Ollie told me our offer had been accepted. I’m never normally one to cry about things like that but we had been looking for well over a year and been unable to find anything, or anything we did find, someone else managed to put an offer in just before us and have it accepted!

When we viewed the house we, it was perfect for what we wanted – a first house which needed a little bit of work! Although the first thing we did as soon as we got the keys was repaint the rooms we’d spend the most time in because I could not bare to see the colour magnolia everyday; it was everywhere!

I do not own these photos they are from Rightmove when the property went up for sale.

Currently we have loads of projects running on the house because we start one thing and then before we can finish it I have moved onto something else! Honestly, I’m a nightmare when it comes to doing this house, I just want to do everything and do everything now! So far, we’ve done everything on the house ourselves bar a couple of things (like putting in the new front door and electrical bits) but other than that Ollie is always up for trying to do it ourselves and for not spending too much money!

As we actually finish the projects on the house I’ll make posts about how we did them (showing loads of progress photos etc.). For now I’ll just let you know what projects we’ve got going on:

The Garden – this is a BIG one, we’ve ripped up the whole garden, basically re-landscaped it, laid grass and currently in the process of doing a patio. Honestly, it’s insane how different it looks! The photos below is what it looked like when we bought the house – so excited to do the post on this to show you how different it is now!

Photo 04-11-2018, 20 36 32Photo 04-11-2018, 20 36 37I do not own these photos they are from Rightmove when the property went up for sale.

The Stairs – these are currently being sanded down, stained and glossed so that we go back to original floorboards rather than the cheap carpet which had been put down.

The Trophy Cabinet – okay, so this is the weird cupboard in the lounge, which to be honest just looked like somewhere someone would display their trophies (hence the name). Basically I have hated it since we first viewed the house and said straight away if we get it its coming out. Turns out it wasn’t as easy as just pulling it out. The wall behind it is only half plastered and floor underneath it is just floorboards, and a lot of the cupboard has  been plastered into the wall. So, currently it’s just a messy space in the corner of the lounge whilst we try to figure out how to properly get it out without damaging too much of the plasterwork.

Photo 04-11-2018, 20 36 21I do not own these photos they are from Rightmove when the property went up for sale.

The Kitchen – this is a slow going room, because it’s absolutely fine and works but personally I want to rip it out and get a new kitchen, however Ollie completely disagrees so we’ve compromised and we’re just going to give it a spruce. I recently painted it a new sage colour, then we are going to paint the cupboards and change the handles!

So, they’re the bigger projects we’ve got on at the minute, but we are constantly doing things and changing things, and I am forever buying and swapping bits of decor to make the house really feel like a home. We’ve only been in for 7 months so I’m sure we will do so much more and change so many more things. I can’t wait!

Jessica ♡


A few years ago I used to run a little fashion and beauty blog and absolutely adored doing it, I got a nice little following of lovely supportive people and I miss it! After I went to University in 2015 I ended up neglecting my blog and never posting anything.

Now I have bought a house and have a new full-time job, I think I finally have the time to post about interesting things – fashion, beauty, holidays and most definitely projects on the house (currently we are re-sanding all of our hallway and stairs)!

My job is quite creative, and I love it, but I want to keep my creative juices flowing outside of work too. Hence, this blog!

I can’t guarantee there will be a post every week, as sometimes I am away with work and it’s difficult to find the time then to do anything other than work, eat and sleep! However, I have just purchased myself a lovely little notebook to get myself organised and prepared for creating some posts which I hope you will all enjoy!

Jessica ♡